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Construction & Property

Rank Name Raised
1st Team gc Team gc $11,616
Members of Team gc
162nd John Rayner John Rayner $3,003
204th craig young craig young $2,700
214th Callum Smith Callum Smith $2,645
246th Adrian Fedrigo Adrian Fedrigo $2,522
2nd Team Billbergia 2019 Team Billbergia 2019 $25,788
Members of Team Billbergia 2019
2nd Paul Allsop Paul Allsop $21,494
519th Laurence Culhane Laurence Culhane $1,625
1259th Robert Fahy Robert Fahy $1,002
3377th Andrew Donohoe Andrew Donohoe $274
3rd DC8 Studio DC8 Studio $1,499
Members of DC8 Studio
1813th Riccardo Rizzalli Riccardo Rizzalli $708
3584th Brett Anstis Brett Anstis $228
3830th Genevieve Vella Genevieve Vella $176
N/A John Nicholson John Nicholson $21
N/A Amanda Evans Amanda Evans $0
N/A Amy Beths Amy Beths $0
N/A Henry Ward Henry Ward $0
N/A Moe Shahin Moe Shahin $0
N/A Tony D'andrea Tony D'andrea $0
4th Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits $2,176
Members of Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits
469th Tim Murray Tim Murray $1,715
2845th Andrew Ross Andrew Ross $461
5th NRBR NRBR $475
Members of NRBR
3443rd Lachlan Driussi Lachlan Driussi $258
3636th Shanna Driussi Shanna Driussi $217
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