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Rank Name Raised
201st Hungry kittens Hungry kittens $615
Members of Hungry kittens
2122nd Tracy Flynn Tracy Flynn $615
202nd Five Figs Catering Five Figs Catering $614
Members of Five Figs Catering
2128th Adrian Singline Adrian Singline $614
203rd Cancer is a bitch Cancer is a bitch $613
Members of Cancer is a bitch
2129th Sotir Stojcevski Sotir Stojcevski $613
204th Fitness Freaks Fitness Freaks $613
Members of Fitness Freaks
2131st Michelle van der Werf Michelle van der Werf $613
205th Pilbara pedlers Pilbara pedlers $600
Members of Pilbara pedlers
2193rd Justine Shailes Justine Shailes $600
206th Ride Like the Wind Ride Like the Wind $578
Members of Ride Like the Wind
3112th Lyn McDonald Lyn McDonald $344
3556th Stefan Butler Stefan Butler $235
207th Team Merci Team Merci $569
Members of Team Merci
2299th Rebecca Mercieca Rebecca Mercieca $569
208th B's Biking Buddies B's Biking Buddies $552
Members of B's Biking Buddies
1031st Belinda Wright Belinda Wright $552
N/A Alexander Ferry Alexander Ferry $0
209th Team Tenkae Team Tenkae $542
Members of Team Tenkae
2741st Alex Blaine Alex Blaine $501
4930th Jason F Jason F $41
210th Rosses Rosses $533
Members of Rosses
2477th Patrick Ross Patrick Ross $533
211th Bmx Bmx $531
Members of Bmx
2482nd Kaidyn Wright Kaidyn Wright $531
N/A Gage Salmond Gage Salmond $0
212th The Spuds The Spuds $531
Members of The Spuds
2485th Rach Lamont Rach Lamont $531
N/A Kyron Mitchell Kyron Mitchell $0
N/A Matthew Lamont Matthew Lamont $0
213th Team Wisdom Team Wisdom $531
Members of Team Wisdom
2488th Tony Gibson Tony Gibson $531
214th Speedies Speedies $524
Members of Speedies
2921st Ruth Chen Ruth Chen $420
215th Children for children Children for children $512
Members of Children for children
3159th Alessio Meriggi Alessio Meriggi $326
N/A Hunter McLean Hunter McLean $0
N/A Oliver Higgins Oliver Higgins $0
216th Differentiation Nation Differentiation Nation $505
Members of Differentiation Nation
N/A Hani Jieun Kim Hani Jieun Kim $0
N/A Hilary Knowles Hilary Knowles $0
N/A Jane Sun Jane Sun $0
N/A Naz Salehin Naz Salehin $0
N/A Riley McMahon Riley McMahon $0
217th Monkeys Monkeys $500
Members of Monkeys
2766th Jemma Stanley Jemma Stanley $500
218th GreenTeam GreenTeam $472
Members of GreenTeam
2830th Brooke Harvey Brooke Harvey $472
219th 19 toes 19 toes $446
Members of 19 toes
2870th Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $446
N/A Caleb Harders Caleb Harders $0
N/A Jonathan Rayfield Jonathan Rayfield $0
220th TourDeThornleigh TourDeThornleigh $444
Members of TourDeThornleigh
3796th Roberto Portocarrero Roberto Portocarrero $183
4165th Bryan Massey Bryan Massey $113
4675th Bradley McGuire Bradley McGuire $61
4733rd Conor Siebel Conor Siebel $52
221st The Tour De Farce The Tour De Farce $436
Members of The Tour De Farce
2889th Tom Hislop Tom Hislop $436
222nd Sunday Rides Sunday Rides $431
Members of Sunday Rides
1231st Felicity Mayne Felicity Mayne $230
4082nd Richard Teirney Richard Teirney $124
4733rd Lauren Teirney Lauren Teirney $52
223rd Peninsula Pedal Pals Peninsula Pedal Pals $428
Members of Peninsula Pedal Pals
3920th Cazzy Lyons Cazzy Lyons $159
3964th Lisa Phyllis-Fagan Lisa Phyllis-Fagan $150
4385th Sharon O'Hehir Sharon O'Hehir $93
224th On the move On the move $421
Members of On the move
2917th Monica Ryan Monica Ryan $421
Members of RIDE TO LIVE
3201st Bruce Schulz Bruce Schulz $315
4227th Michelle Faulds Michelle Faulds $105
N/A Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke $0
226th Dirty Boiz Dirty Boiz $418
Members of Dirty Boiz
3016th Hayden Norman Hayden Norman $382
4971st Angus McCook Angus McCook $36
N/A Corey Norman Corey Norman $0
N/A Jake Lawrence Jake Lawrence $0
N/A Quinn McCook Quinn McCook $0
227th CMPM CMPM $416
Members of CMPM
2933rd Tom Blackwell Tom Blackwell $416
N/A Nathan Glover-Smith Nathan Glover-Smith $0
228th Emma Emma $414
Members of Emma
3028th Jacqui Miller Jacqui Miller $376
4951st Lionel Miller Lionel Miller $38
229th Marsupilami Marsupilami $402
Members of Marsupilami
3093rd Karl Asenstorfer Karl Asenstorfer $351
4805th Katya Glogovska Katya Glogovska $51
230th Pedal to the medal! Pedal to the medal! $392
Members of Pedal to the medal!
3295th Shanyce Vaai-Kitson Shanyce Vaai-Kitson $295
5332nd Tom Rogers-Binns Tom Rogers-Binns $20
231st Team wagga Team wagga $376
Members of Team wagga
3704th Laura Doven Laura Doven $202
4082nd Nathan Gregor Nathan Gregor $124
232nd Riders On The Storm Riders On The Storm $374
Members of Riders On The Storm
N/A Lana Simpson Lana Simpson $240
N/A Erin Robinson Erin Robinson $134
233rd Clinton’s team Clinton’s team $362
Members of Clinton’s team
3054th Clinton Addison Clinton Addison $362
234th Fun Fun $361
Members of Fun
3061st Kathryn Wallace Kathryn Wallace $361
235th Ringa Riders Ringa Riders $358
Members of Ringa Riders
3370th Heidi Nailer Heidi Nailer $275
4662nd Rebekah McGregor Rebekah McGregor $62
5258th Elli Heyes Elli Heyes $21
236th SD SD $353
Members of SD
3536th Sandie Fielding Sandie Fielding $238
783rd Danny Bawden Danny Bawden $115
237th Talent Pool Talent Pool $347
Members of Talent Pool
N/A Andrea Maclean Andrea Maclean $206
N/A Jennifer Hendy Jennifer Hendy $41
N/A Laura Bowles Laura Bowles $36
N/A Debbie Turu Debbie Turu $11
N/A Kim Mitchell Kim Mitchell $0
238th Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted $343
Members of Challenge Accepted
3115th Eryn Wright Eryn Wright $343
239th Hissy Fitness Hissy Fitness $341
Members of Hissy Fitness
3180th Richard Page Richard Page $320
240th The bois The bois $325
Members of The bois
3164th Thomas Valente Thomas Valente $325
N/A Aiden Cale Aiden Cale $0
241st The Badgers The Badgers $311
Members of The Badgers
3222nd Michael Romeo Michael Romeo $311
242nd TogetherForever TogetherForever $305
Members of TogetherForever
3242nd Sarah Douglas Sarah Douglas $305
243rd Victory V Victory V $303
Members of Victory V
3261st Mark Yanni Mark Yanni $303
244th KBS KBS $299
Members of KBS
3769th Kerryn O'Conor Kerryn O'Conor $190
4419th Sidonid Berke Sidonid Berke $89
245th Alex & Noobles Ride Again Alex & Noobles Ride Again $299
Members of Alex & Noobles Ride Again
3373rd Jp Xanders Jp Xanders $252
4902nd Shaun Newbold Shaun Newbold $47
246th JSA past and present JSA past and present $296
Members of JSA past and present
3288th Catherine Schmidt Catherine Schmidt $296
247th Cycleaddicts Cycleaddicts $286
Members of Cycleaddicts
3511th Louise Stokes Louise Stokes $246
5332nd Lauren Cartledge Lauren Cartledge $20
N/A Lorraine Learmond Lorraine Learmond $0
248th Southwest Flyer's Southwest Flyer's $285
Members of Southwest Flyer's
3338th Haydon Cocking Haydon Cocking $285
N/A Michael Welch Michael Welch $0
249th Rabbit Fitness Rabbit Fitness $284
Members of Rabbit Fitness
3342nd Karen Chetcuti Karen Chetcuti $284
250th Comeback Stars Comeback Stars $279
Members of Comeback Stars
3357th Jodie Smith Jodie Smith $279