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Rank Name Raised
N/A The Jones The Jones $0
Members of The Jones
N/A Jessica Jones Jessica Jones $0
202nd The Lambos The Lambos $50
Members of The Lambos
1210th Oliver Wilson Oliver Wilson $50
N/A The O Debsons The O Debsons $0
Members of The O Debsons
N/A Jason Moorfoot Jason Moorfoot $0
204th the rhinds the rhinds $144
Members of the rhinds
N/A Derek Rhind Derek Rhind $0
N/A Gary Downing Gary Downing $0
N/A Ruth Duncan Ruth Duncan $0
N/A Sonia Rhind Sonia Rhind $0
N/A Sonia Rhind Sonia Rhind $0
N/A The Ruddicks The Ruddicks $0
Members of The Ruddicks
N/A Wayne Ruddick Wayne Ruddick $0
N/A The Sheldons The Sheldons $0
Members of The Sheldons
N/A Kim Sheldon Kim Sheldon $0
N/A The Warreners The Warreners $0
Members of The Warreners
N/A Josh Warrener Josh Warrener $0
N/A The West riders The West riders $0
Members of The West riders
N/A Ankur Shah Ankur Shah $0
N/A Richa Shah Richa Shah $0
N/A Riya Shah Riya Shah $0
N/A TheHungryOnes TheHungryOnes $0
Members of TheHungryOnes
N/A Marcilla Rose Marcilla Rose $0
210th Thompson family Thompson family $21
Members of Thompson family
1579th Lisa Thompson Lisa Thompson $21
N/A Kaitilyn Thompson Kaitilyn Thompson $0
N/A Taniyah Thompson Taniyah Thompson $0
N/A Tour de Lunch Tour de Lunch $0
Members of Tour de Lunch
N/A Theodore Georga Theodore Georga $0
N/A Trakee Latweeschi! Trakee Latweeschi! $0
Members of Trakee Latweeschi!
N/A Mārtiņš Reinfelds Mārtiņš Reinfelds $0
213th Valentine Valentine $50
Members of Valentine
1565th Emily Valentine Emily Valentine $25
1565th Nathan Valentine Nathan Valentine $25
N/A Caitlyn Valentine Caitlyn Valentine $0
N/A James Valentine James Valentine $0
N/A Nellie Valentine Nellie Valentine $0
N/A Thomas Valentine Thomas Valentine $0
214th Van der Merwe Van der Merwe $221
Members of Van der Merwe
1144th Cornelis Van der Merwe Cornelis Van der Merwe $41
N/A Helene Van der Merwe Helene Van der Merwe $0
N/A Martin Van der Merwe Martin Van der Merwe $0
N/A Vanessa Van der Merwe Vanessa Van der Merwe $0
N/A Velocity on Wheels Velocity on Wheels $0
Members of Velocity on Wheels
N/A Rachel Cogdon Rachel Cogdon $0
216th Vision Crusaders Vision Crusaders $176
Members of Vision Crusaders
502nd Graham Walters Graham Walters $140
1241st Klaus Bartosch Klaus Bartosch $36
N/A W&T T&J W&T T&J $0
Members of W&T T&J
N/A Talie Finlay Talie Finlay $0
N/A Waldron’s Waldron’s $0
Members of Waldron’s
N/A Ben Waldron Ben Waldron $0
N/A Sarah Waldron Sarah Waldron $0
N/A WardFamily WardFamily $0
Members of WardFamily
N/A Erin Ward Erin Ward $0
N/A Wardies Wardies $0
Members of Wardies
N/A Bosten Ward Bosten Ward $0
N/A Nixon Ward Nixon Ward $0
N/A Wendy Morgan-Jones Ward Wendy Morgan-Jones Ward $0
221st Warmington Warmington $176
Members of Warmington
497th calan warmington calan warmington $176
222nd wealo's challengers wealo's challengers $36
Members of wealo's challengers
223rd Wheels on Fire Wheels on Fire $179
Members of Wheels on Fire
893rd Nicola Bacon Nicola Bacon $76
1068th Julia Bacon Julia Bacon $52
1068th Mike Bacon Mike Bacon $52
N/A Brian Dwyer Brian Dwyer $0
N/A Justin Bacon Justin Bacon $0
N/A Where's the brakes? Where's the brakes? $0
Members of Where's the brakes?
N/A Michael Jessop Michael Jessop $0
N/A Victor JP Victor JP $0
N/A Wild Ones Wild Ones $0
Members of Wild Ones
N/A Tia Lee Tia Lee $0
226th Willis Warriors Willis Warriors $36
Members of Willis Warriors
1241st Oliver Willis Oliver Willis $36
N/A Beverley Chard Beverley Chard $0
N/A Caleb Willis Caleb Willis $0
N/A Jorja Willis Jorja Willis $0
N/A Winners 2020 Winners 2020 $0
Members of Winners 2020
N/A Rachel Hoy Rachel Hoy $0
228th Wish we had a clue Wish we had a clue $70
Members of Wish we had a clue
1413th Amanda Browning Amanda Browning $35
1413th Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan $35
229th Worthy to the Max Worthy to the Max $55
Members of Worthy to the Max
1413th Trent Donohoo Trent Donohoo $35
1654th Kathy Donohoo Kathy Donohoo $20
230th XLPT cyclones XLPT cyclones $20
Members of XLPT cyclones
1654th Taz Dunstan Taz Dunstan $20
N/A Taz Dunstan Taz Dunstan $0
231st YC Cart YC Cart $507
Members of YC Cart
231st Aaron Chan Aaron Chan $409
805th Nathanael Chan Nathanael Chan $98
232nd You’ll Never Ride Alone You’ll Never Ride Alone $1,169
Members of You’ll Never Ride Alone
290th Jahn Pilioglou Jahn Pilioglou $333
328th jamie dellas jamie dellas $290
410th millie cooke millie cooke $227
N/A Rob Pernice Rob Pernice $0
N/A ZeyMo ZeyMo $0
Members of ZeyMo
N/A Zeyna Gould Zeyna Gould $0
N/A Zooming Zooming $0
Members of Zooming
N/A Julia Patterson Julia Patterson $0