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Rank Name Raised
51st Cyclyptic Cyclyptic $212
Members of Cyclyptic
3655th Phil Rowlands Phil Rowlands $212
N/A Cory Rowlands Cory Rowlands Cory Rowlands Cory Rowlands $0
52nd Team Swaddle Team Swaddle $922
Members of Team Swaddle
3023rd Linda Swaddle Linda Swaddle $378
3584th Andrew Swaddle Andrew Swaddle $228
53rd Bicytaxi Bicytaxi $1,029
Members of Bicytaxi
2290th Karen Ferreira Karen Ferreira $571
2854th Arnold Bonilla Arnold Bonilla $458
54th H8CNCR H8CNCR $1,261
Members of H8CNCR
1023rd Melanie Josephs Melanie Josephs $1,113
4508th Paul Lees Paul Lees $75
4524th Lees Ki Jac Lees Ki Jac $72
55th Millton Millton $1,526
Members of Millton
856th Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $1,227
3844th Daniel Millton Daniel Millton $175
56th Dad and Daughter Dad and Daughter $1,184
Members of Dad and Daughter
1900th Ron Ellery Ron Ellery $679
2666th Marion Ellery Marion Ellery $505
57th Jones Boys Jones Boys $3,500
Members of Jones Boys
96th Daniel Jones Daniel Jones $3,500
58th McCauley McCauley $1,433
Members of McCauley
650th Michael McCauley Michael McCauley $1,433
59th The Sporty Sprinters The Sporty Sprinters $1,016
Members of The Sporty Sprinters
2588th Sue Barasits Sue Barasits $513
2713th Robert Irving Robert Irving $503
60th Jones Family Jones Family $2,908
Members of Jones Family
4111th Tammie Jones Tammie Jones $120
4351st Kydan Jones Kydan Jones $96
4351st Maddison Jones Maddison Jones $96
4639th Dean Jones Dean Jones $67
61st Easy Riders Easy Riders $856
Members of Easy Riders
2885th Trina Cleary Trina Cleary $437
4524th Bruce Lowes Bruce Lowes $72
N/A Korby L Korby L $0
N/A Tessa L Tessa L $0
62nd Lawrance brothers Lawrance brothers $1,055
Members of Lawrance brothers
3830th Ethan Lawrance Ethan Lawrance $176
3842nd Jakob Lawrance Jakob Lawrance $175
63rd GRIFFO'S GRIFFO'S $1,797
Members of GRIFFO'S
N/A sean griffiths sean griffiths $800
N/A Jayde Griffiths Jayde Griffiths $96
64th 2 Losers on bikes 2 Losers on bikes $1,044
Members of 2 Losers on bikes
2373rd Zoe Barbour Zoe Barbour $552
2858th Geoff Barbour Geoff Barbour $457
65th Team Crowther Team Crowther $2,962
Members of Team Crowther
836th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $1,249
984th Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $1,138
2417th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $544
66th The Bloomfields The Bloomfields $1,713
Members of The Bloomfields
2498th Hannah Bloomfield Hannah Bloomfield $528
2993rd James Bloomfield James Bloomfield $389
3528th William Bloomfield William Bloomfield $241
3770th Anna-Maree Bloomfield Anna-Maree Bloomfield $190
4412th Steven Bloomfield Steven Bloomfield $92
67th Tribute to our Ladies Tribute to our Ladies $2,405
Members of Tribute to our Ladies
1160th Chris Walsh Chris Walsh $1,038
1770th Jodie Walsh Jodie Walsh $732
4649th Cindy Chant Cindy Chant $66
N/A Get Out There Australia Get Out There Australia $0
Members of Get Out There Australia
N/A Lynn Frerichs Lynn Frerichs $0
N/A Michael Hoare Michael Hoare $0
69th The Bike Hikers The Bike Hikers $2,535
Members of The Bike Hikers
1266th Darcy Bergman Darcy Bergman $1,001
3062nd Leni-Jane Bergman Leni-Jane Bergman $361
3285th Katie Bergman Katie Bergman $296
1579th daniel bergman daniel bergman $274
3748th Harvey Bergman Harvey Bergman $194
3932nd Brodie Mcclymont Brodie Mcclymont $155
3962nd oliver mcclymont oliver mcclymont $150
5446th Jackie McClymont Jackie McClymont $16
5597th Brad Mcclymont Brad Mcclymont $5
70th We Got This We Got This $665
Members of We Got This
1953rd Claire Turner Claire Turner $665
N/A Wellmans Wellmans $0
Members of Wellmans
N/A David Wellman David Wellman $0
N/A Harley Wellman Harley Wellman $0
N/A Jarrod Wellman Jarrod Wellman $0
N/A Stephanie Wellman Stephanie Wellman $0
72nd Team PKR Team PKR $1,481
Members of Team PKR
2157th Peter Readett Peter Readett $608
2658th Kerry Readett Kerry Readett $506
73rd Life Behind Bars Life Behind Bars $1,589
Members of Life Behind Bars
2827th Allyssa Shields Allyssa Shields $474
3357th Brodie Emmerton Brodie Emmerton $279
3533rd Brady Guard Brady Guard $239
3632nd Hayley Emmerton Hayley Emmerton $217
3750th Samantha Hardy Samantha Hardy $192
3802nd Isabella Emmerton Isabella Emmerton $182
5606th Rose-anne Shields Rose-anne Shields $5
Members of TEAM CHAPPY
N/A Luigi Chapman Luigi Chapman $0
N/A Matthew Chapman Matthew Chapman $0
N/A Stefano Chapman Stefano Chapman $0
75th Awesome FourSome Awesome FourSome $1,903
Members of Awesome FourSome
892nd Antoinette Cole Antoinette Cole $1,203
3420th Makayla Norman Makayla Norman $264
3668th Colby Stickland Colby Stickland $211
3696th Bradley Norman Bradley Norman $204
76th Kneesy Breezy Kneesy Breezy $766
Members of Kneesy Breezy
N/A Shane Manahan Shane Manahan $495
N/A Erin Mcinerney Erin Mcinerney $102
77th The Macs The Macs $1,835
Members of The Macs
1064th Pam Macleod Pam Macleod $1,093
2005th Kim Berg Kim Berg $649
78th The go Getters The go Getters $472
Members of The go Getters
4153rd Leah Schilling Leah Schilling $114
5255th Shaun Hodgskiss Shaun Hodgskiss $21
5469th Kaleb Hodgskiss Kaleb Hodgskiss $10
5469th Nathaniel Hodgskiss Nathaniel Hodgskiss $10
79th Team MacLeod/Meehan Team MacLeod/Meehan $1,552
Members of Team MacLeod/Meehan
1323rd Amanda Browning Amanda Browning $945
2288th Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan $571
80th Collins Clan 2019 Collins Clan 2019 $1,105
Members of Collins Clan 2019
3069th Ryan Collins Ryan Collins $359
4224th Ross Collins Ross Collins $105
81st Wheely Deadly Wheely Deadly $2,070
Members of Wheely Deadly
472nd Josephine Jennings Josephine Jennings $1,710
N/A Sharon Jennings Sharon Jennings $0
82nd BVVC BVVC $104
Members of BVVC
N/A James Naylor James Naylor $104
83rd Milk & Honey Milk & Honey $466
Members of Milk & Honey
3274th Seanny Chapman Seanny Chapman $300
3877th Mandy Lea Mandy Lea $166
84th Josh & Jas Josh & Jas $2,833
Members of Josh & Jas
N/A Jasmine Helfer Jasmine Helfer $0
N/A Josh Pitts Josh Pitts $0
85th Latcham Gals Latcham Gals $1,523
Members of Latcham Gals
592nd Naomi Latcham Naomi Latcham $1,523
N/A Samantha Latcham Samantha Latcham $0
86th Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 $1,435
Members of Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019
1634th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders $788
2097th Rach Sanders Rach Sanders $622
87th Team Dicko Team Dicko $2,705
Members of Team Dicko
700th Jason Dickinson Jason Dickinson $1,378
2983rd Noah Dickinson Noah Dickinson $393
88th Tour De Foreshore Tour De Foreshore $776
Members of Tour De Foreshore
1788th jeff coulter jeff coulter $724
4733rd Mary Coulter Mary Coulter $52
N/A Margie Bell Margie Bell $0
89th Docs Docs $1,022
Members of Docs
2195th Craig Docherty Craig Docherty $598
3344th Thomas Docherty Thomas Docherty $284
90th Team Millie Team Millie $1,430
Members of Team Millie
1351st Samantha Jones Samantha Jones $924
2653rd Stu Jones Stu Jones $506
1885th Sara Woodroffe Sara Woodroffe $685
3245th Evan Woodroffe Evan Woodroffe $305
92nd Tugas for a cause Tugas for a cause $2,025
Members of Tugas for a cause
622nd Cristina Lisboa Cristina Lisboa $1,478
3071st Alexandra Dos Santos Alexandra Dos Santos $358
4724th Joao Martins Joao Martins $55
93rd NGDP NGDP $824
Members of NGDP
N/A Nathan Giglia Nathan Giglia $824
N/A Danielle Paparella Danielle Paparella $0
94th The Lacey Pedalers The Lacey Pedalers $756
Members of The Lacey Pedalers
1709th Joe Lacey Joe Lacey $756
95th Whanau Whanau $10
Members of Whanau
N/A Mairie Takiari Mairie Takiari $10
96th Just riding Just riding $598
Members of Just riding
3377th Hudson Prince Hudson Prince $274
3389th Anais Prince Anais Prince $272
N/A Sandy-Lee Prince Sandy-Lee Prince $0
97th Milly and Mills Milly and Mills $400
Members of Milly and Mills
3067th Lori Jane Toohey Lori Jane Toohey $359
4930th Sue Mills Sue Mills $41
98th Pallee Pallee $1,752
Members of Pallee
691st Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $1,390
3161st Ronald Inglesby Ronald Inglesby $326
99th GoGoGadget GoGoGadget $1,327
Members of GoGoGadget
825th Kayla Kanyaro Kayla Kanyaro $1,254
4518th Christopher Kanyaro Christopher Kanyaro $72
100th Team Dalts Team Dalts $114
Members of Team Dalts
5228th Kelly Dalton Kelly Dalton $26
5469th Mal Dalton Mal Dalton $10