Brody's Story

‚ÄčIn October of 2016, when Brody was five years old, he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. 

After breaking his arm, his parents Stacey and Jesse, took Brody to the fracture clinic for a check-up. They expected to walk out of the fracture clinic with Brody’s arm in a cast, but instead they got told their gorgeous little boy had cancer.

Little Brody underwent a 12-hour surgery that involved removing the tumour from his humerus and taking 6cm of bone from his fibular which was used to replace the bone taken from his humerus.

Following surgery Brody spent his first night in ICU with a pain block in his shoulder and a drain in his foot for 5 days.

This gruelling surgery left Brody with two very long scars, one on his arm and the other on his leg. To help with his recovery, Brody was placed in two casts, one on his leg and the other on his arm, and was given the option of using a walking frame…

But, Brody took one look at the walking frame and said, “that’s not happening!” Brody was determined to do it on his own!

Over the past 2 years Body has spent over 105 nights in hospital and has endured 20 rounds of chemotherapy, 15 blood transfusions, 18 platelet transfusions, a 12-hour limb salvage and many more invasive procedures.

This is more than any child should ever have to go through.

But, throughout all this Brody and his family stayed strong, and on the 26th October 2017 Brody went to get a Pet scan to check if there was any cancer remaining in his body.

The result came back, and Brody was told he had kicked cancers’ butt and was officially CANCER FREE! To celebrate this INCREDIBLE news, Brody rang the celebration bell dressed as his favourite superhero…BATMAN!

You are so brave Batman Brody, you never stopped fighting and have shown cancer who’s BOSS!