Meet Lilli

Lilli is a creative, cheeky and bright 6-year-old who loves arts, crafts, music and is fantastic at gymnastics. Her favourite superhero of all time is Wonder Woman! 

But on the 18th of February 2021, Lilli was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor, which is a rare cancer of the kidney.

It all started when Lilli had a tummy ache while she was at kindergarten in early February. When her tummy ache only got worse, her parents became concerned and took her straight to the Emergency Department for what turned out to be acute appendicitis.

An ultrasound and subsequent CT scan then revealed a renal mass on Lilli’s right kidney and she was quickly transferred from Canberra to Sydney Westmead hospital for review and further treatment.

There, Lilli underwent two renal biopsies (one week apart). The first biopsy was inconclusive, but it did show that there were some cancer cells.

Unfortunately, the 2nd biopsy confirmed a diagnosis of Wilms Tumour... Lilli had cancer. Her family was crushed.

Immediately, Lilli started 4 weeks of pre-surgery chemotherapy, which thankfully reduced the mass of Lilli’s cancer by 75%. She then had surgery to remove her right kidney and appendix, followed by intermittent rounds of radiation and chemotherapy.

Lilli ended up staying in hospital in Sydney for 3 months and overall, has endured 2 biopsies, a central line insertion, 8 fractions of radiation and 6 rounds of chemotherapy, as well as the surgery.

Lilli finished her treatment for Wilms tumour at the end of October, 2021 and her scans showed that she is now 100% clear. 

Since finishing her treatment, Lilli has been recovering well and she is looking forward to going swimming and having showers over her head again.

The brave Lilli has faced all of the challenges in her path with a maturity beyond her years. She is extremely strong and doesn't show her pain very easily. 

As Lilli’s mum told us “It feels like there is an ‘old’ Lilli & ‘new’ Lilli, pre & post the cancer diagnosis. Lilli’s old self was playful and light-hearted; whereas her new self is strong & powerful.”

Keep kicking cancer's butt, Lilli! You're an absolute legend.

We are riding for you this October!