Meet Rosie

Rosie is a loving, cheeky and funny 3-year-old with a bright attitude. She has three older siblings who she loves to spend time with, and she just recently learned how to ride a bicycle!

But on the 26th of February 2021, little Rosie was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma.

Roughly 70 kids in Australia are diagnosed with a sarcoma cancer each year, an even smaller fraction of which are rhabdomyosarcoma diagnoses, and the survival rate of sarcoma cancers is about 20%.

Rosie’s journey started around Christmas 2020, when Rosie’s parents noticed a lump in her pelvic region during a family camping holiday. Immediately, Rosie was taken to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics.

But after 2 rounds of antibiotics, the lump hadn’t reduced in size and instead was growing…

When Rosie’s lump suddenly started bleeding, she was taken straight to hospital.

Initially, the doctors thought it may have been a follicle infection. All the while, Rosie’s pain levels continued to increase and soon she wasn’t even able to sleep…

Because of Rosie’s worsening state, an ultrasound was ordered right away followed by a biopsy the next day and 4 days later, Rosie was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. Her family was shocked.

The family were told that Rosie’s sarcoma was growing quickly, at a rate where it would double in size every 2 weeks if left unchecked, and was at risk of soon becoming metastatic (spreading to other areas of her body). Rosie quickly started treatment.

Little Rosie has now been through 23 rounds of chemotherapy, brachy therapy radiation, and 3 surgeries including one to remove lymph nodes.

Thankfully, she responded well to treatment and just completed her final round of chemotherapy! She's now due for her last round of imaging as well as her big moment proudly ringing the bell to signify the end of her treatment.

Rosie completed her final round of chemo in September 2021.

And last year, Rosie’s dad is riding to kick cancer’s butt for his amazing daughter and kids just like her!

Rosie… you are so BRAVE! We'll be pedalling for this little legend throughout October.