Meet Sophie

5-year-old Sophie was diagnosed with pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia on the 2nd of March 2020.

Sophie is the sassiest, cheekiest, sweetest little girl, who has had to grow up way too fast. 

Her cancer journey started after she was having on and off fevers for a couple of weeks, and then a bad weekend of high temperatures – poor Soph was so tired and miserable, which was completely out of the ordinary for the then active 3-year-old.

Her mum took her to the GP, who commented that Sophie definitely didn’t seem well and thought she might have the flu. Sophie was pale and clammy.

They were sent home, with instructions to go to the Emergency Department if they felt concerned or her condition deteriorated. When they got home, her mum sat her on the lounge, and Sophie ‘just laid there without wanting to move or be moved’.

Something was definitely wrong.

Her mum rushed her to the hospital, where they ran the standard tests, and that evening her mum was told that her low blood count was in line with leukemia. The next day, results confirmed every parent’s worst nightmare…

​Sophie had leukemia. And also septicaemia, which was making her feel extra unwell.

She started treatment right away, and she’s now in the midst of the maintenance stage. Sophie goes to the hospital for regular check-ups, lumbar punctures and IV chemo.

Sophie is due to finish her treatment in April of 2022 if everything goes to plan (fingers crossed). 

Sophie also had a hard time this August. She wasn't feeling well and she wasn't her normal, excitable self. Sophie needed lots of hugs and love and is being closely monitored throughout her current treatment to make sure she is okay.

Soph is her family’s little wild child, she’s always ready to get in and have a go at almost anything. She’s adventurous, cheeky and a bundle of fun… as her mum told us, she ‘has never sat still for a long time’.

With her trademark sass, she is kicking cancer’s butt and is showing us all how it’s done!

We're riding for this brave girl in October, GO SOPHIE!