Ruby's Story

‚ÄčOn Friday 10 November 2017, Ruby was diagnosed with Leukemia and was told she would have to commence treatment immediately.

Ruby’s day started off like any other day. She had gone to school, attended classes and even went to running training… But when she came home that evening, mum Jodie knew something was wrong.

When Ruby returned from school and struggled to even form a coherent sentence, Jodie took her to the hospital where Ruby deteriorated quickly.

The results from her blood test came back with the heartbreaking news that this vibrant young girl had cancer.

Ruby was given a blood transfusion and at 2AM in the morning, she was transferred to the Sydney Children’s Hospital. There, she endured a lumbar puncture, a bone marrow biopsy and a central line insertion, all under general anaesthetic.

The very next day, Ruby started chemotherapy.

A week later, the results from her bone marrow biopsy confirmed that Ruby’s type of cancer was Acute Myeloid Leukemia and that she would be needing a bone marrow transplant.

Ruby endured another 4 cycles of chemotherapy until the day came for her bone marrow transplant on Tuesday 13 March 2018. Luckily, Ruby’s little brother Hugh was a match, so he was her sibling donor.

After the transplant, Ruby recovered well and made a gradual return to school (Year 9) from July 2018 and over time, she slowly got back to the activities she loved most – running, playing tennis and hanging out with her friends.

Ruby had always been an intelligent, fit and healthy kid. She loved her sports (especially tennis and skiing) and studied hard in class.

Life was good.

In April this year, only 1 week after her 16th birthday, a routine blood test came back with horrible news and a bone marrow biopsy confirmed their worst fears…

Ruby’s leukemia was back.

Ruby’s world has again been shattered and the thought of going through treatment again is overwhelming.

However, Ruby has decided that she wants to fight for her life again.

On Tuesday 9 July, Ruby entered the transplant room and endured 3 days of full body radiation and 3 days of chemotherapy.

A week after entering the transplant room, Ruby underwent a cord stem transplant.

The next few months will be incredibly challenging for Ruby but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Ruby has the dignity and strength of someone way beyond her years and she is determined to once again kick cancer to the curb.

You’ve got this, Ruby. You’ve beaten cancer before, you can certainly do it again.