Tips and Ideas

Here are some fundraising ideas to help you reach your target to fight kids' cancer!

Increase your KM goal if you reach your target

Tell your friends if they sponsor you and you reach your fundraising target (e.g. $500), you'll increase your ride goal. Your friends will sponsor you if they know they are making you work harder for it!
Heather Muggridge told her friends that for every $1 raised over $500, she'll ride an extra 1km. It took just a few hours to smash her original goal and now she's raised over $1,500!

One challenge not enough? Up the ante!

Set yourself an additional challenge and up the ante to keep you in the saddle throughout the month. Shave your head or legs, give up alcohol (or your car), tow your kids or create your own challenge to fight kids' cancer!
Brenton Luke sold wax strips at the local pub and invited people to rip them off to wax his legs!

Complete a virtual challenge

Work out the distance to ride from one landmark to another (e.g. Sydney to Newcastle or Melbourne to Mount Gambier) and set your ride goal to complete that distance for your challenge. You could ride from one town to another, pedal the distance up a mountain (e.g. Mount Everest) or pick a famous road or sporting event (e.g. a stage of the Tour De France)!

Dress to unimpress

Set a target and tell your friends if they sponsor you to reach that target, you'll dress up and embarrass yourself. You can also tell everyone that the highest donor can pick the outfit. Ride to work in a onesie, dress up as a superhero, threaten to wear your lycra into work for the day (if you don't reach your goal)...just have some fun!

Out in the community

Get out and about in your local community to spread the word about your challenge. Host a trivia night, dinner or setup a stall at a public event or market.

Team Wheelolicious made t-shirts, donation tins and setup a stall at a local market to spread the word about their challenge and sell delicious cupcakes (yum) - this dynamic duo have raised over $2,000 already!