Rules of the Challenge

Here are the guidelines for taking part in the challenge throughout October.

1. You don't have to ride every day.

You can ride on weekdays, just on weekends or a combination of both.

2. You can start your challenge at any time. 

You might not be able to start on the first day (October 1) because you're away or just want to start on a work day, so you choose the day you go for your first ride.

3. You can log your kilometres outdoors and / or indoors. 

If you can't get outdoors, then jump on a stationary bike to log your kilometres or attend a spin class at the gym.

4. There is no limit to the number of rides you can complete. 

It's all about reaching you goal. You can complete your challenge in one weekend, over 15 days or ride every day throughout the month.

5. All rides must be completed in October.

Your rides must be recorded between October 1 and October 31 to count toward your total kilometres. All training rides completed before October 1 will be removed from the platform.

6. You can change your goal at any time.

If a friend challenges you to increase your goal or you want to push yourself harder, simply update your goal.