Kick Cancer's Butt Day

Today is Kick Cancer's Butt Day and we're taking action together to give cancer the butt-kicking it deserves!

Our mission is to take action together to raise funds to support ALL kids fighting cancer to show them and their families that they are not alone in their fight to beat this terrible disease.

And four of our awesome supporters and a corporate sponsor will MATCH ALL DONATIONS received today, to the value of $467,000. Wow.

So, that means ANY online donation YOU receive or bank at ANY time today on Kick Cancer's Butt Day will be matched and added to your online fundraising page (within three days). You can even donate to yourself.

Here's the best ways to take action today to kick cancer's butt.

1. Send our Kick Cancer's Butt Day email template

Login to your dashboard now and you'll see our Kick Cancer's Butt Day pre-written email template that you can send to your friends, family and colleagues to tell them about the matched funding offer and ask for their support.

Simply select the template, add your friends and send...easy.

2. Post this update on Facebook

Post 2-3 updates on Facebook and / or Instagram throughout the day to tell your friends about Kick Cancer's Butt Day and update them on your progress. Remember, not all your contacts see all your posts, so you need to post 2-3 updates throughout the day to spread the word and encourage your friends to support your challenge.

Here is a sample post below:

_ _ _ _ _ _

This month, I am riding in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!

And today is Kick Cancer's Butt Day, a day where ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED by supporters of the charity (up to $467K) - so it's the best time to sponsor my challenge to help these kids.

Please sponsor me today via the link below and let's kick cancer's butt - your donation will be matched for TODAY ONLY!

<IMPORTANT: Insert your fundraising page link here so your friends can sponsor you>.

_ _ _ _ _ _

3. Share this post on Facebook

Share this post on Facebook now to spread the word about Kick Cancer's Butt Day and ask your friends to support your ride to fight kids' cancer.

Click here to download the image to post on Instagram.

4. Personalise your Facebook posts

You can upload your own pic and share it on Facebook to tell everyone about today's MATCHED donation offer. We've included an example below.

Click here to upload your own pic to personalise and post on Facebook.