Rider Stories

Great Cycle Challenge encourages people of all ages and fitness levels to get on their bikes this October and ride to fight kids' cancer!

Meet some of our GCC riders, and hear their story...

Imogen Kuipers 

State: Western Australia 

Ride Goal: 575km

Total Ridden: 576km

Imogen is one incredible little lady, she will be taking on her 4th Great Cycle Challenge this October to end childhood cancer! During the last 3 challenges, this unstoppable 10-year-old has pedalled a MASSIVE 1,595km’s to fight kids’ cancer. We asked Imogen her secret to clocking up the KM’s and she said that every day (without fail!) she would go out for a ride after school with her family or friends – “Knowing I’m helping other kids is what keeps me going out each night to ride as hard and fast as I can.”

And that’s not all…Imogen is a superstar fundraiser! She has raised an AMAZING $20,662 to kick cancers butt. With the help of her father, Imogen did most of her fundraising via email and Facebook, and raised awareness of the cause in her local community by doing 6 radio interviews. At the end of the challenge she even auctioned off her bike to boost her fundraising efforts!  


Nathan Dann 

State: New South Wales

Ride goal: 300km

Total Ridden: 306km

The Great Cycle Challenge is the challenge for everyone, and there is no better example of this than the incredible Nathan Dann!

Nathan is disabled and can’t ride a standard bike, but that certainly did not stop him from taking part in the 2016 Great Cycle Challenge. His goal was to ride a massive 300km, but instead this legend smashed out an incredible 306km last October on a HANDCYCLE! He reached his goal powered only by his arms – INCREDIBLE! 

And that’s not all, he also raised an amazing $1,827 to help fight kids’ cancer. Well done Nathan, we can’t wait to see what you achieve in the 2017 challenge! 


Sophie Gins 

State: New South Wales 

Ride goal: 40km​ 

Total Ridden: 70km

Great Cycle Challenge riders come in all different shapes and sizes, and little Sophie is one of our smallest (and cutest)! This incredible little 4-year-old has taken part in the Great Cycle Challenge since she was barely 2 years old, and is now ready to take on the 2017 Challenge for the 4th year in a row. 

Last year she managed to ride an HUGE 70km to fight kid’s cancer! And this year she is ready to take on the challenge again, but has set herself a goal of riding 100km to kick cancers butt! She even got a new bike for the occasion. Sophie is pumped to tackle some rougher trails in the 2017 Challenge, and even more excited about cracking her 100km target to raise money to help sick kids fight cancer so they too can “get outside and have fun just like her!” 


Peter Craig 

State: South Australia

Ride goal: 250km

Total Ridden: 308km

Taking on the Great Cycle Challenge with two wheels was never going to cut it with Peter. Instead he decided to set himself a goal of riding 250km on a UNICYCLE! Not only did he reach his goal, he SMASHED IT, riding a total of 308km on his trusty unicycle. What a legend! 

AND there’s more…whilst riding around town to fight kid’s cancer, he also managed to raise an INCREDIBLE $800 to kick cancers butt! His inspiration for taking part in the challenge was to ride for his friend’s daughter who has been fighting cancer. Peter reached out daily on social media to keep his supporters updated on his challenge progress and to help with his fundraising efforts.