Zoe's story

Zoe Kidd is fighting cancer, she is only 3 and half years old.

Zoe's StoryZoe's mother, Suzanne, shares her story...

"It all start when I noticed Zoe was very pale.

I had noticed it over a few weeks but when she got dark rings under her eyes, I knew that we had to see a doctor. Zoe's dad (Matt) and I went together and as soon as the GP looked over Zoe, he ordered blood tests and sent them away for testing immediately.

We knew something was wrong...

That same afternoon the doctor called at exactly 4pm, he said Zoe's counts were low and she was anaemic.

But he then said there could also be something else and told me to go straight to Gosford hospital for more tests...

I burst into tears at that moment.

Then I rang my husband. I was so scared to tell him because Matt had lost his dad and a brother to cancer and our sister in law had also fought Leukaemia just a few years ago.

When we arrived at Gosford Hospital, they had already liaised with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. They thought it might be a virus but wanted to do a lumbar puncture and a bone marrow test for leukaemia.

I was terrified.

They did the lumbar puncture on the Monday morning and we then received a call than night and got the news that changed our lives...our little girl had leukaemia.

The doctor explained what would happen over the first six to eight month period of extensive treatment, but I wasn’t absorbing any of it.

I just kept thinking, “Leukaemia? My little girl? Why her?", it was so hard to accept.

Even now I look at her and I still can’t believe it.

She’s just so beautiful. My heart aches every day.

So we then stayed at Westmead hospital for two weeks, and it was horrible, absolutely horrible.

The second time she went under anaesthetic was to have a central line put in. Hearing her cries was very hard for all of us, but we had to do whatever we could to help her.

It was a roller-coaster. So much was happening before we had any time to adjust.

Zoe had no idea what was ahead or what she would have to face.

I have always been honest with her and I tell her what’s in store for her each day. I don’t hide things from her, because I want her to trust me.

I hear a lot of sad stories, and I know Zoe is one of the lucky ones.

She's now through the intense period of her treatment and has recently started maintenance chemo which involves daily chemotherapy tablets and regular blood tests.

She is now living life as a 3 year old little girl should and she is VERY excited that her hair is growing back. :)

We’re on our own journey, but I feel for others that are going through their own battle to fight cancer."