Geraldine Edgley

Geraldine Edgley
In Australia, 3 children die of cancer every week. Please sponsor me and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer and save little lives!
I've Ridden 522.1 km to fight kids' cancer
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  • National: 60th
  • State: 13th in Vic
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My Story

26 Sep 2021

This October 2021, I am taking part in THE GREAT CYCLE CHALLENGE! to raise money to fight cancer particularly in children.

Because right now, cancer is the largest single killer of children from disease in Australia – over 600 children are diagnosed with cancer every year and sadly, 3 die every week.

Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

And so I am riding and raising funds to support the Children's Medical Research Institute to continue their work into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and finding a cure for childhood cancer, (which actually helps all of us!)

Please support my challenge by making a donation through my fundraising page to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

Together, we can save little lives.

Thanks for your support.

OK, So you have to read a bit further to see my blogs! This is the form letter! Sorry, I know, but it does get the point across really well.



My Challenge

  • JotD - Sunday. The Last one!
    31 Oct 2021

    This is your last JotD!! I know that some of you are loving this, but it is going to be 1 year until the next challenge!

    Thank you all for all your support. Thankyou for your fabulous donations. It's going to a fantastic charity doing great work. Thank you for being part of this team. I hope to take you on the journey next year!

    Enjoy this joke, one of my favoourite, but maybe not for the kiddies!! You can use the vernacular if you want!

    A little old lady goes into the Chase Manhattan bank to make a desposit. The teller noticing that she is putting in a large deposit says to her"Excuse me madam". "What?"she says.

    "Well the banking rules have recently changed and when someone puts in large deposits we have to check their bona fides".

    "Oh yes" she replies

    "Well", says the teller."It says an alert here and that you are to meet the head of the bank. I can get him to come down right now".

    "Ok sonny" she says in a querolous voice.

    Shorty after the head of the Chase Manhattan Bank comes down, He introduces himself and says" We just have to ask where you get you deposits from".

    "Oh" she says."No problems. I make bets!!

    "What" he says "Bets? What sort of bets?" for she has a very sizeable account and very large deposits going in.

    "Well " she says."I will show you"

    "OK" is the reply.

    "I tell you what. I will bet you $50,000 that by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning that your testicles will be square!"

    "What?" he says."No way!" He's thinking this is the easist money I have ever made. It even feels a bit bad to be taking it from a little old lady.

    "Yes", she says."Do you want to take the bet?"

    "Of course" he replies and they shake on it.

    "Until tomorrow " and she leaves.

    Shortly after the head of the bank goes home. He thinks he will have a quiet day. He spends the day lounging around., periodically checking his testicles. "Yep Yep. They are still roundish! nDefinitely not square!!" He's looking forward to his $50,000. "It should a cinch" he thinks!

    He sleeps pretty well, and all is good in the morning. He dresses carefully and makes his way into work. He waits in his office.

    Sure enough at 9.55 the little old lady is shown into his office.

    "Who is that man with you?" he asks.

    "He's my lawyer. I hope that you don't mind. I always bring him along to check the validity of my dealings"

    "Well" he replies."You will be very disappointed. My testicles are just as round as ever. Definitely not square!"

    "Well" she says "Of course I need to check for myself. I am sure you won't mind!"

    "Oh well. It's a bit unusual, but I guess so."

    He takes his pants down and the little old lady puts her hands into his pants and clutches his testicles. They are as roundish as ever! Just as she is doing this he looks up and he sees the lawyer bashing his head on the wall. Bash, bash bash.

    "What an earth is he doing?" syas the head of the bank.

    "Why," says the little old lady "I bet him $200,000 that I would have the manager of the Chase Manhattan Bank by the testicles this morning"

    Posted 33 days ago
  • JotD for yesterday
    31 Oct 2021

    Here is your joke...

    4 best friends, were sitting around having a beer together.

    One man says to the other 3, "You have been my best friends for years and years and years. And I know that I can really trust you!".

    "Yes, Yes," say the 3 others.

    "Well the reason that we are gathered here today is because I have a terminal disease and I am going to die soon. I didn't want to tell you".

    "Oh no," say the other 3 in unison

    "What can we do? What can we do?".

    "Nothing for my health ," says the first man. "But.....You know that I have worked hard all my life, and you know that I believe in the after life. have recently liquified my assets. I have 6 million dollars in cash, and I want to give each of you 2 million, to throw into my grave when they bury me, that I might have 6 million in the after life to spend!"

    "Ok" say all 3. "We will take care of all your instructions".

    2 weeks later the man dies.

    At the funeral the 3 best friends are gathered around. Each one tosses into the grave a huge, padded envelope. It lands with a thud!!

    After the funeral the 3 friends meet at a local pub, to have a beer and celebrate their friend's life.

    After a short while one of the men says"Stop. I can't stand it anymore!"

    What, what?" say the other 2. "I can't take it anymore. I have to tell you. I kept back $500,000, forA charity very dear to my heart. And I threw $1.5 million into the grave"

    "Oh" says another man. "I also have to tell something! I kept back 1 milliion dollars for the Cancer Fundraiser for Children. It is such an important charity, I just felt that I had to. I threw 1 million dollars into the grave!"

    "Oh my goodness!" said the third guy. "I am so ashamed of you 2!!"

    "I put in a cheque for the whole lot!!!"

    Posted 33 days ago
  • 18.9 km ride - Tunnel climb - Sunday, 31 October 2021
    Logged this ride 34 days ago
  • Nobody said they had to be good jokes!
    29 Oct 2021

    Why do little brothers chew with their mouths open?

    Flies have got to live somewhere!

    Mum, can I have a parrot for Christmas?

    No, you'll have turkey like the rest of us!

    When do you put afrog in your sister's bed?

    When you can't catch a mouse!

    Hmmm...not so good today!!

    Posted 35 days ago
  • JotD
    28 Oct 2021

    Well, it is a wild and woolly day! Too windy for bike riding lest I get blown off my bike!

    A Jewish guy has a parrot. It talks fluently. He goes into a pub and bets everyone that the parrot can talk. He gets odds of 25 to one. Ready to clean up. The parrot won' talk! He has to pay out all the money! He goes home determined to kill the parrot!! As he wraps his fingers around it's neck, the parrot says, "Hey! Just think of the odds you'll get tomorrow night!"

    Posted 36 days ago
  • A very stormy day
    28 Oct 2021

    So keen was I to get the km's done that I risked getting struck by lightening today!!! A very stormy ride in and worse out! But I hvae done the challenge dear supporters, and with a sore bum and very damaged foot from when I fell down the stairs the other day! Not even...p$@#...or shold that be enebriated. Nope, saving electricity and not using the lights!! OK, that is not the joke though..

    An old man is walking down the street when he sees a frog. The frog says "Hey mate, come over here." The man walks over and the frog says : "Pick me up". So the old man picks up the frog. The frog says "If you rub me, I will turn into a genie and give you lots of money." The old man puts the frog in his pocket and walks on. The frog squirms, and riggles and yells: " Hey take me out of your pocket!" So the old man takes him out of his pocket. The frog stares at the man and shouts " I said I would turn into a genies and give you whatever you wanted!"

    To this the old man replied: "Look, at my age, I would rather have a talking frog!"

    Posted 36 days ago
  • 30.0 km ride - Ride to work loop - Thursday, 28 October 2021
    Logged this ride 37 days ago
  • Inching ever closer
    27 Oct 2021

    Well, dear supporters and donators, I am almost there!! AND my Superman cape arrived I am just waiting on the shirt!!


    Two men were walking along Bondi beach early one morning with a shaggy dog. The dog's owner threw a stick into the ocean and the dog ran across the top of the water, collected the stick and brought it back. The other man could not believe his eyes.

    "That is one amazing dog you have there" said the man.

    "Amazing, my foot" said the dog's owner.

    "After all the lessons he's had, he still can't swim!"

    Posted 37 days ago
  • 30.0 km ride - work loop - Wednesday, 27 October 2021
    Logged this ride 38 days ago
  • Just to keep you going
    26 Oct 2021

    I know it is really hard out there with CoVid and all. Locked down for the most part of a year. Ouch!! Not as bad as getting cancer though and that's what we are all here for, to fight cancer, which when CoVid is gone (i know!) it will still be here. Thank you to you all for all your support and donations. It is you guys that make this such a great charity and it is you that let's the researchers and supporters get on with their job! So a big Thankyou.

    Now...your JotD....I know some of you are really keen on these jokes!!!

    Two very big turtles and a little turtle were sitting in a cafe when it started to pour with rain. Since the little turtle was the quickest they decided that he should go back home and get their raincoats. But the little one objected. He was worried that when he left, the others would drink his apple juice. It took a lot of convincing, but finally, he was persauded to head off for the raincoats. Three weeks later one of the big turtles said: "Let's drink his apple juice."

    "I'd been thinking exactly the same thing" said the other.

    And from just a few metres away, on the footpath, a little voice said: "Oh no you don't. If you do I won't go home and get the raincoats!"

    Just a slow laugh!!!

    Posted 38 days ago
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