John Wood

John Wood
In Australia, 3 children die of cancer every week. Please sponsor me and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer and save little lives!
I've Ridden 1,381.1 km to fight kids' cancer
My Rankings
  • National: 174th
  • State: 22nd in Qld
  • My Team: 1st
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My Story

21 Sep 2021

In the past 3 years, I’ve cycled a total of 2,861 kilometres in the Great Cycle Challenges. This year, I’m attempting to take that total beyond 4,000 to support the fantastic work that the Children’s Medical Research Institute undertakes, in its quest to end childhood cancer and save little lives.

The kilometres that I've clocked up over the past three years' events have sometimes been challenging, but nothing compared to what these brave kids face every day of their lives as they battle this terrible disease. Cancer is the biggest killer of children from disease in Australia. Every 2 minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Kids should be living life, NOT fighting for it.

Your support and generosity have been major factors in driving me towards reaching my targets each year and together over 3 years, you my supporters have contributed an awesome $8,953.76 towards The Fight.

Please continue your wonderful support of the Fight Against Kids’ Cancer by making a donation through my fundraising page:

All funds raised will support the Children's Medical Research Institute in continuing their work to develop treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

Thank you for your support and encouragement. 4,000 Kilometers, here we come!!!!

Kindest Regards


My Challenge

  • Another GCC completed with record results all round.
    5 Nov 2021


    With Facts, Stats and Super Efforts from the Great Cycle Challenge 2021:

    + 127,583 individual rides were completed throughout October.

    + Collective kilometres ridden would lap the circumference of the earth 72 times!

    + With 12,503 riders registered, there were approximately 1,327,680 spokes turning to kick cancer's butt throughout October.

    + 78 kids under 5 years old took on the challenge to kick cancers' butt!

    + 316 participants have survived their own personal fight against cancer.

    + 3,164 riders took part in the challenge in memory of a loved one impacted by cancer.

    + Together, participants have been in the saddle for the equivalent of 5,700 days, 9 hours and 20 minutes.

    + Over the 9 years of the GCC, participants have ridden 21,462,461km and raised $34,076,341 to fight kids' cancer!

    + A record $6,909,982 has been raised in this year’s Challenge but the books are still open for finalisation of donations and the final figure will be announced on Friday 26 November.

    From Pom and myself, thank you all so much for your generous support and encouragement through the four challenges we’ve now participated in. While Pom and I have been cycling this year towards record goals, for us, these results have largely been achieved as a reaction to your overwhelming support and encouragement. Some have asked how we managed to stay in the saddle across the 1,600 kilometres. Well we didn’t achieve it unassisted. During the event and in the months leading up to it I was prepared and maintained by Andrew, Hadi, Izzy and Mette, the exercise physiologist, physiotherapists and sports psychologist from the Veterans Health Association and weekly Thai massages from Parndana at Miracle Thai Massage. Added to that was the enormous encouragement and support from my regular cycling mates; Brian, David, Joop, Ken S, Ken D, Phil and Simon who dragged and pushed me through many of the 1,381.1 kilometres.

    Over the whole journey, our Giant hybrid bikes performed faultlessly and one puncture was the only hiccup we experienced in 1,600 kilometres. So once again, a big thank you to David at Carina Cycles who ensured Pom and I were equipped with appropriate bikes for the mission and fine tuned them, before our Great Cycle Challenge got under way.

    Finally, note that cycling is not the solution for losing weight. After cycling 1,383.1 kilometres over 31 days, I only managed a one kilogram reduction. Might have had something to do with the number of cappuccinos, chocolates and ice creams that I needed to maintain appropriate energy levels. ☕️🍫🍦 🚴‍♀️🚴

    Posted 28 days ago
  • 16.1 km ride - Lunch Ride - Sunday, October 31, 2021
    Logged this ride 33 days ago
  • 55.1 km ride - Morning Ride - Sunday, October 31, 2021
    Logged this ride 34 days ago
  • 27.3 km ride - Morning Ride - Friday, October 29, 2021
    Logged this ride 36 days ago
  • 60.2 km ride - Morning Ride - Thursday, October 28, 2021
    Logged this ride 37 days ago
  • Fundraising & kilometers targets of reached with 4 days of peddling to go
    27 Oct 2021

    Yesterday (Day 27 of the GCC 2021) I set out from Manly West at 6:10am with the aim of reaching my 1,200 kilometre target on an 84km ride to Victoria Point and back. Fortunately, after coffee and poached eggs at Crusoe Cafe in Raby Bay, I was joined by my regular cycling buddies, Brian, David, Joop and Phil who pushed/dragged me through the 40 kilometres to the "Driftwood CAFE by the Bay" at Victoria Point (next coffee break) and the return to Cleveland.

    After bidding farewell to the boys, I set off on the return leg to Manly West on a route that would take me just south of the headland at Wellington Point. And this is where there may have been some divine intervention. :-) As I approached the intersection with the road that leads to the Wellington Point, I felt compelled to conquer the point and did so on a diversion that added about 4km to my ride. Continuing on from Wellington Point, I started monitoring the Garmin to ensure I stopped at the 1,200 kilometre point to record the milestone.

    And guess where 1,200 kilometres was registered?

    The picture tells the story and trust me, it was not planned.

    So now I've reached my targets, I could put the bike in the rack and rest my body but I'm not going to. There are still four days left in this year's quest to boost the fight to conquer Kids' Cancer and my cycling mates are standing by to take me through another 50 kilometres tomorrow. We are keen to see how much more we can contribute to this great cause of striving to save little lives.

    Thank you all so much for your generous sponsorships and wonderful words of encouragement which have played a vital part in my getting to the present position.

    Standby for a final rap up next week, on the Great Cycle Challenge 2021.

    Posted 37 days ago
  • 9.3 km ride - Indoor cycling - Wednesday, 27 October 2021
    Logged this ride 38 days ago
  • 87.6 km ride - Morning Ride - Tuesday, October 26, 2021
    Logged this ride 39 days ago
  • 33.6 km ride - Lunch Ride - Monday, October 25, 2021
    Logged this ride 40 days ago
  • 10.8 km ride - Day 25 of the GCC- Indoor cycling - Monday, October 25, 2021
    Logged this ride 40 days ago
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