13 Oct 2021

    Received my Super hero Jersey notification. I’m thrilled with this achievement and can’t wait long to wear it and ride🚴‍♂️😊

    Posted 98 days ago
  • Lousy ride
    3 Oct 2021

    To make up for tomorrow’s working day, I took on a second ride along a new path. I was attacked by wild magpies, lost way and ended up with a sore bottom. But I am pleased by the support I received from friends today which made me forget the inconvenience

    Posted 108 days ago
  • 2 year legacy
    2 Oct 2021

    After raising more than $2k in 2018, I’m back to contribute to this noble cause. The support within a couple of days is amazing and all of you are inspiring to do more. I promise that you won’t be disappointed

    2 year legacy
    Posted 109 days ago