• And done. 😁😁👍👍😍😍😊
    30 Oct 2021

    Well, what an awesome month. Such a privilege to ride for such a special family. Thankyou everyone for your kind words and generous support over the month, and thankyou for joining me on this journey. Such an emotional trip, and such a valuable experience.

    Rest in piece little Clementine. Your memory is still in the hearts of so many. 🙏

    And done. 😁😁👍👍😍😍😊
    Posted 90 days ago
  • Initial aim.... Done. 😁
    15 Oct 2021

    Set a pretty fair goal of 643 km for the month, which would take me from Moana back to Bendigo, but with such overwhelming support, managed to make it there today. Just like cancer treatment, just when you think you are finished, you get told to line up for another round, do I guess there is nothing left to do but to try and ride back to Moana as well. Thanks everyone for your generosity and kind words, it's been an emotional journey, and one I'm so proud I do for little Clementine and Sue. Now back on the bike.

    Posted 104 days ago
  • Picture perfect ride
    9 Oct 2021

    Knocking over the KMs is style. 🤣

    Picture perfect ride
    Posted 111 days ago
  • Half way to km target. 😁
    6 Oct 2021

    7 days in, 330km down. 🙃

    Half way to km target. 😁
    Posted 113 days ago
  • Hills with Haysey
    6 Oct 2021

    Thanks Haysey for joining me for a big ride on Tuesday up willunga hill. Nice to knock over some KMs

    Hills with Haysey
    Posted 114 days ago