• Final Day
    30 Oct 2021

    I started the month with $500 and 500km goal and I end the month raising over $4000 and riding 710km. I want to thank everyone who kindly donated.

    Posted 80 days ago
  • Day 16
    15 Oct 2021

    Reached my 500km goal. Now to push on to get to 1000km

    Posted 95 days ago
  • Day 10
    11 Oct 2021

    Started indoors on the Peleton gets boring looking at a screen. Decided to battle the terrible weather and got thru a 22km road ride

    Posted 100 days ago
  • Day 9
    9 Oct 2021

    Punched out 335km so far in the 9 days with the weather forecast not looking good I might be moving indoors to use the peleton.

    Posted 102 days ago
  • Day 7
    7 Oct 2021

    Hit the 250 km mark today

    Posted 104 days ago
  • Day 6
    6 Oct 2021

    Went past the 200km mark today hoping to hit the half way mark on day 7 250km.

    Posted 105 days ago
  • Day 3
    3 Oct 2021

    30km into my ride I picked a nail on the road amd ended up with a flat tyre

    Posted 108 days ago
  • Day 2
    2 Oct 2021

    Got thru a nice 51.6km ride today which is my longest ride to date. Ill be pushing to go well past the 500km goal I set

    Posted 109 days ago
  • Day 1
    1 Oct 2021

    Nice easy 25km Bike ride this arvo to kick off the challenge

    Posted 110 days ago