• Never say never!
    4 Nov 2021

    That's definitely now a wrap! I did do an additional 2 rides after meeting my goal. I have a tradition of riding out to the big roundabout, for a selfie with Pablo the penguin, while wearing my Super Hero jersey. I couldn't disappoint him!

    Thank you!!! See you again in 2022!!!

    Posted 75 days ago
  • That's a wrap!!!
    28 Oct 2021

    Well, the weather has turned sour, so I am calling an end to my challenge.

    With 3 days still to go of the official challenge, GCC riders have pedalled 2,604,180 kilometres and raised an astounding $6,542,888!!! Thanks to your awesome support, I have pedalled 601k of my 600k target, and raised $3,576.66!!!

    Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, and pushed me past the $18,000 total fundraising mark for my 7 GCCs! That's got to make a butt kicking difference! Woohoo!!! If you know someone who would still like to support the Childrens’ Medical Research Institute, it is not too late to donate. Thank you on behalf of all the kids, and all the bigger kids who are facing challenges and undergoing treatment.

    That's a wrap!!!
    Posted 82 days ago
  • Just 57 kilometres to go!!!
    25 Oct 2021

    Today was perfect weather for a long ride, so off to Devonport I took myself. I rode from Splash to Latrobe, via Spreyton, then along the bike path and streets to East Devonport. I then followed the bike path to Pardoe Beach, and rode to the end. Then it was back to East Devonport via the road, then the bike path back to Splash. 50.7k in perfect conditions - just a bit of headwind between Spreyton and Latrobe, then again on the beach. So relieved to finally get a big ride in, as the weather has not been ideal pretty much all month.

    Posted 86 days ago
  • Updated $3500 fundraising goal met!
    19 Oct 2021

    I have now raised $17,952.38 over the last 7 challenges!!! I am quite proud of that figure, but I am MOST PROUD of you - my loyal supporters! I definitely could NOT have achieved this without your ongoing support. Together, we are Kicking Cancer's Butt, and making a difference for kids with cancer. This is why I ride. Thank you!!!

    This morning's ride to Penguin and back took me over the 400k mark - so less than 200k to go!

    Updated $3500 fundraising goal met!
    Posted 92 days ago
  • Kick Cancer's Butt Day raised $1,625,808 to fight kids' cancer!
    14 Oct 2021

    Apparently many of the kids that I ride for were watching with their families as the total grew throughout the day. Your generous donations are giving these families hope for a cancer-free future and the support they need as they continue their fight to beat this terrible disease.

    Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

    Kick Cancer's Butt Day raised $1,625,808 to fight kids' cancer!
    Posted 97 days ago
  • OMG!!! Kick Cancer's Butt Day is GOING OFF!!!
    13 Oct 2021

    Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported the kids and the CMRI! I am going to SMASH my fundraising goal with over 2 weeks of the challenge still to go!!! What am I going to do if I get to $3000 this year? I have an idea. It involves pain! Can you guess?

    OMG!!! Kick Cancer's Butt Day is GOING OFF!!!
    Posted 98 days ago
  • Two rides today- one drier than the other!
    9 Oct 2021

    My first ride was partly shared with fellow GCCer, Sandi Samain-Daley and is dedicated to Mason. First I saw a little boy who looked like him, then a little while later, I realised that I was riding on Mason Street.

    The second ride, with my friend Vicki, was windy, then wet, then muddy, but to a beautiful, peaceful spot.

    Two rides today- one drier than the other!
    Posted 102 days ago
  • Day 6 - 25% there
    6 Oct 2021

    I'm very pleased to be right on track, with 155k under my tyres. Thanks to my generous sponsors, I have raised $636 for the kids.

    The last few days have been very windy, so riding was challenging.

    It would have been very easy to say "not today thanks" but little kids fighting cancer don't get to make that choice. They front up for their treatments, no matter how uncomfortable or painful.

    This is why I ride. Thanks for your support!

    Posted 105 days ago
  • Day 4 - back on the bike after a rest day.
    4 Oct 2021

    Straight on to the bike after work, for a 45 minute slog into a strong headwind. At least it wasn't raining, and I kept rotating those legs, while thinking of the daily struggle of little kids with cancer. My reward was a very fast return ride - woo-hoo!!!

    It felt great, but I felt even better after seeing that I had received a HUGE donation from an old high school mate. Thanks to Bryan, I have now raised over $15,000 over the 7 Great Cycle Challenges I have competed in. That there is a whole lot of butt kicking!

    It's early days yet, though. We've got this!!!


    Posted 107 days ago
  • Day 1 and 47 kilometres done
    1 Oct 2021

    Wow! Today's weather was a real surprise. I was expecting rain, misery, and frustration - but we had sunshine and warmth. I managed to get two rides in - giving me a few kilometres jump start. Thanks to my friend Ali, for joining me on my afternoon ride.

    Ride well everyone! Keep safe!!!

    Posted 110 days ago