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Rank Name Raised
269th Nathan Dickson Nathan Dickson Nathan Dickson Nathan Dickson $615.85
270th Paull Stimson Paull Stimson $615.51
N/A Lauren Govier Lauren Govier $610.94
271st Amanda Kristapsons Amanda Kristapsons $610.65
271st Vaughan Masters Vaughan Masters $610.65
273rd Brian Cattell Brian Cattell $608.91
274th Sarah Dixon Sarah Dixon $608.21
275th James Shortill James Shortill $607.68
276th Gerbrand Ferreira Gerbrand Ferreira $605.93
277th Geoff Newham Geoff Newham $605.49
278th Natalie Hicks Natalie Hicks $604.97
279th Karen Kincaid Karen Kincaid $604.30
280th Rachael Leahcar Rachael Leahcar $603.50
281st Christopher Borg Christopher Borg $601.31
282nd Daniel Humeniuk Daniel Humeniuk $599.25
283rd Jennifer Cooper Jennifer Cooper $598.84
284th Rylan Loemker Rylan Loemker $598.56
285th Deborah Wells Deborah Wells $598.48
286th Charlie Fulton Charlie Fulton $597.61
287th Tim Collier Tim Collier $594.35