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Rank Name Raised
331st MaryLou Canning MaryLou Canning $558.42
332nd Jason Stephens Jason Stephens $557.16
333rd Craig Burr Craig Burr $555.54
334th Sean Blackhurst Sean Blackhurst $554.93
335th Neil Para Neil Para $554.05
336th Emily Rolland Emily Rolland $553.73
337th Kathy Mac Kathy Mac $553.73
338th Ashley Haddrill Ashley Haddrill $552.97
339th Craig Darroch Craig Darroch $549.56
340th Sue Gray Sue Gray $549.54
341st Nimit Acharya Nimit Acharya $549.53
342nd Leanne Storer Leanne Storer $549.53
343rd Lauren Brooks Lauren Brooks $548.79
344th hayley gorton hayley gorton $548.56
345th Mel Fry Mel Fry $543.40
346th Emily McGuinness Emily McGuinness $543.38
346th Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $543.38
346th Neil Gratton Neil Gratton $543.38
349th Dane Lee Dane Lee $541.46
350th Zoe Crouch Zoe Crouch $538.21