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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lesley Hill Lesley Hill $0
N/A Leslie Leunig Leslie Leunig $0
N/A Leslie Portugal Leslie Portugal $0
N/A Lester Santos Lester Santos $0
N/A Levi Mcleod Levi Mcleod $0
N/A Levi Rehn Levi Rehn $0
N/A Lewis Ives Lewis Ives $0
N/A Lewis Ward Lewis Ward $0
N/A Liam Adcock Liam Adcock $0
N/A Liam Alloway Liam Alloway $0
N/A Liam Barron Liam Barron $0
N/A Liam Barry Liam Barry $0
N/A Liam Bohannon Liam Bohannon $0
N/A Liam Byrne Liam Byrne $0
N/A Liam Chilcott Liam Chilcott $0
N/A Liam Corry Liam Corry $0
N/A Liam Culverhouse Liam Culverhouse $0
N/A Liam James Liam James $0
N/A Liam Joslin-Tuck Liam Joslin-Tuck $0
N/A Liam Kinson Liam Kinson $0