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Rank Name Raised
79th Mark Anthony Cane Mark Anthony Cane 3years $5,148
80th Bruno Vavala Bruno Vavala $5,106
81st Andrew Shegog Andrew Shegog 3years $5,085
82nd Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr 5years $5,023
N/A Omar Al-Saloom Omar Al-Saloom 2years $0
83rd Ben Rogers Ben Rogers $5,003
N/A Debbie Dreoni Debbie Dreoni 3years $0
84th Priji Vijayakumar Priji Vijayakumar 5years $4,960
85th Akshay Chiruguri Akshay Chiruguri $1,653
85th John Cooper John Cooper 7years $4,930
86th Gael Patricia McGee Gael Patricia McGee 7years $4,926
87th Brett McMurtrie Brett McMurtrie 2years $4,913
88th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks 7years $4,902
89th Elizabeth May Matuschka Elizabeth May Matuschka 5years $4,878
90th Ross Salisbury Ross Salisbury $4,866
91st James Weston James Weston $4,860
92nd John Klapsis John Klapsis $4,850
93rd Shane Boyce Shane Boyce 2years $4,777
94th Anoop Radhakrishnan Anoop Radhakrishnan 2years $4,762
95th Bernd Zomerdijk Bernd Zomerdijk $4,753