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Rank Name Raised
21st Paul O'Donoghue Paul O'Donoghue $1,103.24
22nd Kerrie Gerlach Kerrie Gerlach $1,101.58
23rd Daniel kirkup Daniel kirkup $1,081.58
24th Suzie Hawthorne Suzie Hawthorne $1,056.53
25th Matt Simper Matt Simper $1,032.31
26th Luke Stanley Luke Stanley $1,008.35
27th Justin Smith Justin Smith $1,000
28th Grace Newland Grace Newland $985.06
29th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $940.63
30th Doug Austin Doug Austin $929.87
31st Linda Gale Linda Gale $911.79
32nd Kristy Mcdonald Kristy Mcdonald $882.89
33rd Millie French Millie French $872.83
34th Elaine Hyde Elaine Hyde $827.29
35th Michael Tiernan Michael Tiernan $806.08
36th Brett Stephenson Brett Stephenson $802.73
37th Brenden Minter Brenden Minter $802.20
38th Grant Cameron Grant Cameron $786.61
39th Kate Beeson Kate Beeson $772.06
40th Claire O'Connor Claire O'Connor $768.63