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Rank Name Raised
730th Jamie Favaloro Jamie Favaloro $1,355
731st Kelly Rohde Kelly Rohde $1,353
732nd Sarah Barnes Sarah Barnes $1,353
733rd Willy Wilson Willy Wilson $1,352
734th Brendan Duggan Brendan Duggan $1,352
735th Rhys Paine Rhys Paine $1,351
736th Dean Griffiths Dean Griffiths $1,350
737th Giulia Ros Giulia Ros $1,350
738th Katrina James Katrina James $1,346
739th Darren Steffen Darren Steffen $1,346
740th Diego Eguiguren Diego Eguiguren $1,345
741st Robert Alman Robert Alman $1,343
742nd Mike Clark Mike Clark $1,341
743rd Heather Prudence Heather Prudence $1,339
N/A Di Airey Di Airey $0
744th Peter White Peter White $1,339
745th Paul Stirling Paul Stirling $1,336
746th Henry Thay Henry Thay $1,335
747th Mackenzie Hughes Mackenzie Hughes $1,335
748th Brad Holton Brad Holton $1,333