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Rank Name Raised
N/A Rebecca Sulusi Rebecca Sulusi $0
N/A Regina evans Regina evans $0
N/A Rey Gallardo Rey Gallardo $0
N/A Richard Langton Richard Langton $0
N/A Richard Lee Richard Lee $0
N/A Richard williams Richard williams $0
N/A Rick Thurman Rick Thurman $0
2360th Rion Findlay Rion Findlay $555
N/A Rob Dean Rob Dean $0
707th Robert Davison Robert Davison $1,370
1007th Robert Evans Robert Evans $1,124
N/A Robert Lewis Robert Lewis $0
N/A Robert Lie Robert Lie $0
237th Robert Miller Robert Miller $2,545
1062nd Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $1,094
256th Rodney French Rodney French $2,501
2916th Rodney McComiskie Rodney McComiskie $421
N/A Rodney Thomas Rodney Thomas $0
N/A Romain Moutier Romain Moutier $0
3086th Rosie (Dhemz) Mahood Rosie (Dhemz) Mahood $353