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Rank Name Raised
N/A Bob Gearing Bob Gearing 2years $0
199th Bob Ianson Bob Ianson 4years $124
N/A Bobby Mehta Bobby Mehta 3years $0
N/A Bobby Thompson Bobby Thompson 2years $0
N/A Brad Baker Brad Baker 2years $0
N/A Brad Boland Brad Boland 7years $0
N/A Brad Chitty Brad Chitty 2years $0
N/A Brad Drysdale Brad Drysdale 7years $0
N/A Brad Holton Brad Holton 4years $0
199th Brad Mitchell Brad Mitchell 5years $124
N/A Brad Morante Brad Morante 5years $0
289th Brad Pledge Brad Pledge 4years $104
N/A Brad Powell Brad Powell $0
N/A Brad Sherband Brad Sherband $0
699th Brad Thompson Brad Thompson 2years $36
N/A Brad White Brad White 3years $0
N/A Bradley Bressan Bradley Bressan 3years $0
N/A Bradley Davis Bradley Davis 5years $0
55th Bradley Hedgelong Bradley Hedgelong 5years $357
128th Bradley Lawler Bradley Lawler 2years $197