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Rank Name Raised
617th Peter Eggleton Peter Eggleton $2,256
5642nd Jordy Schmidt Jordy Schmidt $176
2917th Matthew Crank Matthew Crank 4years $739
454th Michael Smith Michael Smith 2years $2,646
3465th Ali Habib Ali Habib 5years $620
5248th Rod Ellwood Rod Ellwood 2years $251
5714th Scott Wright Scott Wright 4years $166
4337th Philip Norris Philip Norris 2years $503
2805th Paolo Russo Paolo Russo 4years $771
1292nd Jade Chapple Jade Chapple $1,389
728th Darryl Reichelt Darryl Reichelt 3years $2,044
N/A Ian Taylor Ian Taylor 2years $0
4633rd John Penhall John Penhall 3years $418
3527th Robert Beretov Robert Beretov 2years $610
N/A Matiu Priddy Matiu Priddy 2years $0
5205th Jan Doering Jan Doering $261
2970th Charlotte Ann Charlotte Ann 2years $727
544th Rion Findlay Rion Findlay 3years $2,502
3814th Richard King Richard King $563
162nd Richard Field Richard Field 3years $4,112