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Rank Name Raised
3831st shannon goard shannon goard 2years $560
N/A Shelley Casey Shelley Casey 3years $0
N/A Skye Goldney Skye Goldney 5years $0
1920th Stephane Le Blanc Stephane Le Blanc 3years $1,068
N/A Steve D'Andrea Steve D'Andrea 4years $0
N/A steve lewis steve lewis $0
N/A Tim Davenport Tim Davenport $0
N/A Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman 4years $0
696th Tony McDonald Tony McDonald $2,105
459th Wayne Clare Wayne Clare 3years $2,641
13th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson 7years $11,468
2758th Xavier Dillon Xavier Dillon 2years $786
2754th Adam Illman Adam Illman 4years $788
567th Jake Riley Jake Riley $2,390
620th Peter Eggleton Peter Eggleton $2,256
29th Scott Parker Scott Parker 3years $8,328
4959th shane clarke shane clarke 4years $328
236th Peter Shortman Peter Shortman 6years $3,513
1892nd Wendy McLean Wendy McLean 7years $1,080
557th Ben Fitzpatrick Ben Fitzpatrick 2years $2,488