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Rank Name Raised
198th Nicole PERNICE Nicole PERNICE $1,246
199th Bianca Millen Bianca Millen $1,246
200th Graeme Macey Graeme Macey $1,235
201st Rhys Fairall Rhys Fairall $1,235
202nd Anthony Smit Anthony Smit $1,232
203rd Gavin McGahey Gavin McGahey $1,228
204th Christopher Heath Christopher Heath $1,226
205th Jason Alford Jason Alford $1,226
206th Jenna Adams Jenna Adams $1,224
207th Dean Lang Dean Lang $1,224
208th Max Dimitropoulos Max Dimitropoulos $1,214
209th Bell Motlalepula Bell Motlalepula $1,209
210th Pratik Parmar Pratik Parmar $1,206
211th Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham $1,205
212th Karen Parker Karen Parker $1,202
213th Duane Wright Duane Wright $1,195
214th Liam Nolan Liam Nolan $1,193
215th John Cooper John Cooper $1,191
216th David Nugent David Nugent $1,189
217th Kailash Sivabalan Kailash Sivabalan $1,188