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Rank Name Raised
1st Malcolm J Little Malcolm J Little $600
2nd Drew Campbell Drew Campbell $220
N/A Lyne Wilson Lyne Wilson $0
3rd Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $140.70
4th Andrea Dennett Andrea Dennett $120
4th Sarah Reed Sarah Reed $120
6th Teena Crampton Teena Crampton $100
7th Michael Lane Michael Lane $70
8th David Chellew David Chellew $51.75
9th Kristin Iles Kristin Iles $35
9th Lindsay Lane Lindsay Lane $35
11th Marcos Trinidad Marcos Trinidad $30
12th Grace Aquino-Larsen Grace Aquino-Larsen $20
13th Rajesh Patil Rajesh Patil $10
N/A Aaron Couchman Aaron Couchman $0
N/A Aiden Prawalsky Aiden Prawalsky $0
N/A Alain Deblois Alain Deblois $0
N/A Ali Habib Ali Habib $0
N/A Alison Fox Alison Fox $0
N/A Allie Carroll Allie Carroll $0