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Rank Name Raised
N/A Kylie Mazzer Kylie Mazzer $0
849th Lambros Semertzidis Lambros Semertzidis $59
N/A Laurent Desperoux Laurent Desperoux $0
945th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $50
945th Learnna Sheean Learnna Sheean $50
N/A Leigh John Carmody Leigh John Carmody $0
N/A Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $0
N/A Lisa Black Lisa Black $0
N/A Lisa-Susan McPhate Lisa-Susan McPhate $0
945th Lockie Hill Lockie Hill $50
N/A Louise Khanbashi Louise Khanbashi $0
N/A Luis hernandes Luis hernandes $0
N/A Luke Francis Luke Francis $0
864th Luke Gooden Luke Gooden $52
N/A Luke McGregor Luke McGregor $0
N/A Luke Shafren Luke Shafren $0
459th Luke Webb Luke Webb $145
N/A Mac Ong Mac Ong $0
N/A Margaret Jones Margaret Jones $0
N/A Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $0