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Rank Name Raised
2762nd Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $500.36
2002nd Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon $649.82
N/A Liz Brandtman Liz Brandtman $1,611.62
1271st Lockie Hill Lockie Hill $1,000.00
2016th Louise Lang Louise Lang $646.79
N/A Lukas Matic Lukas Matic $0
N/A Luke Cusack Luke Cusack $0
N/A Luke Day Luke Day $0
3333rd Luke Gooden Luke Gooden $286.14
897th Lyn Edwards Lyn Edwards $1,200.23
366th Lyndell Ghietti Lyndell Ghietti $2,002.17
426th Lyndon Wade Lyndon Wade $1,800.00
N/A Maiden Bargamento Manso Maiden Bargamento Manso $0
1749th Malcolm Roberts Malcolm Roberts $742.62
1185th Malcolm West Malcolm West $1,023.54
N/A Malindu Perera Malindu Perera $0
N/A Manahara Manatunga Manahara Manatunga $0
813th Mandar Nesarikar Mandar Nesarikar $1,263.73
298th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $2,199.17
1014th Marc Brooks Marc Brooks $1,119.62