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Rank Name Raised
1176th mario anderson mario anderson $1,026.27
N/A Malcolm Allen Malcolm Allen $0
N/A Xizhu Hou Xizhu Hou $0
624th Vlado Taseski Vlado Taseski $1,472.27
3605th Barry Burns Barry Burns $222.93
465th Benjamin Gaske Benjamin Gaske $1,717.28
307th Wendy Lines Wendy Lines $2,177.44
744th Mark Fyfe Mark Fyfe $1,330.15
2220th Mark Gordon Mark Gordon $590.85
3448th Michael Taylor Michael Taylor $256.31
3006th Faye Hopkins Faye Hopkins $382.26
N/A Andrew Scott Andrew Scott $0
N/A Julia Arnold Julia Arnold $0
93rd Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $3,495.38
1830th Mark Eason Mark Eason $703.56
1546th Craig Strong Craig Strong $821.62
697th Brian Smith Brian Smith $1,377.77
872nd Michael Chan Michael Chan $1,212.15
53rd Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $4,445.71
3417th Andrew Duffin Andrew Duffin $265