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Rank Name Raised
N/A Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $0
80th GregGreg Campbell Campbell GregGreg Campbell Campbell $40
N/A Gregory Dale Gregory Dale $0
N/A Gus Wills Gus Wills $0
108th Halle Parker Halle Parker $31
N/A Hannah Walsh Hannah Walsh $0
N/A Harrison Lane Harrison Lane $0
22nd Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $152
N/A Harry Tuldanes Harry Tuldanes $0
N/A Haylee Peel Haylee Peel $0
88th Hazel O'Halloran Hazel O'Halloran $35
N/A Heidi Taman Heidi Taman $0
N/A Helen Campbell Helen Campbell $0
24th Hemerson Paes Hemerson Paes $124
124th Herman Lambrechts Herman Lambrechts $10
N/A Holly Shaw Holly Shaw $0
113th Ian Cambourn Ian Cambourn $21
N/A Ian Henderson Ian Henderson $0
N/A Ian Pollett Ian Pollett $0
N/A Ian Trevaskis Ian Trevaskis $0