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Rank Name Raised
55th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $50
55th Tony Ryan Tony Ryan $50
55th Ty Gock Ty Gock $50
62nd GregGreg Campbell Campbell GregGreg Campbell Campbell $40
63rd Wayne Brown Wayne Brown $36
64th Alistair Davies Alistair Davies $35
64th Amanda Browning Amanda Browning $35
64th Diane Rickard Diane Rickard $35
64th Dianne Tomlinson Dianne Tomlinson $35
64th Geoff King Geoff King $35
64th Hazel O'Halloran Hazel O'Halloran $35
64th Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $35
64th Jane Payne Jane Payne $35
64th Karen Shortland Karen Shortland $35
64th Kirsty Walding Kirsty Walding $35
64th Mark Buck Mark Buck $35
64th Marsha Hodges Marsha Hodges $35
64th Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan $35
64th Mel Johnson Mel Johnson $35
64th Mike Westerman Mike Westerman $35