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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ross Taylor Ross Taylor $0
N/A Rotsen trinidad Rotsen trinidad $0
N/A Roux Van Zyl Roux Van Zyl $0
N/A Rowan Brown Rowan Brown $0
2135th Rowan Bunning Rowan Bunning $50
2368th Rowan Demmer Rowan Demmer $36.23
N/A Rowan Panozzo Rowan Panozzo $0
N/A Rowyn Holden Rowyn Holden $0
1763rd Roxy Brown Roxy Brown $72.45
843rd Roxy Davies Roxy Davies $231.65
956th Roy Bloomfield Roy Bloomfield $200
N/A Roy Chandra Roy Chandra $0
2135th Roy Sonnenburg Roy Sonnenburg $50
N/A Royce Pinto Royce Pinto $0
1490th royden harrold royden harrold $103.50
N/A Royston G Royston G $0
1737th Roz Rymer Roz Rymer $75.88
1421st Ruben Sas Ruben Sas $113.15
N/A Rubina Szedlák-Kun Rubina Szedlák-Kun $0
N/A Ruby Brolly Ruby Brolly $0