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Rank Name Raised
N/A Vanessa Gale Vanessa Gale $452.14
N/A Vaninder Kaur Rajput Vaninder Kaur Rajput $0
N/A Varpreet singh Puri Varpreet singh Puri $0
N/A vicki sanders vicki sanders $222.53
N/A Vikki Kotrolos Vikki Kotrolos $0
N/A Virginia Johnston Virginia Johnston $0
N/A Vivek Santhosh Vivek Santhosh $0
N/A vivian rhodes vivian rhodes $0
N/A W richards W richards $0
N/A Wanda Archer Wanda Archer $1,686.95
N/A Wayne Santo Wayne Santo $0
N/A Wayne Suryak Wayne Suryak $0
N/A Wei Lynn Yap Wei Lynn Yap $0
N/A Wendy Bertello Wendy Bertello $102.63
N/A Wendy Creevy Wendy Creevy $35
N/A Will Somvongsa Will Somvongsa $0
N/A William Hunter William Hunter $124.20
N/A Yash Bhavsar Yash Bhavsar $0
N/A Ymara Jayamanne Ymara Jayamanne $0
N/A Zabihullah Usfy Zabihullah Usfy $0