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Rank Name Raised
N/A Becky Phillips Becky Phillips $0
N/A Belinda Cole Belinda Cole $0
N/A Ben Dabastani Ben Dabastani $0
N/A Ben Hood Ben Hood $0
N/A Ben Howard Ben Howard $0
N/A Ben Kleinschmidt Ben Kleinschmidt $0
N/A Ben Koersen Ben Koersen $0
N/A ben stone ben stone $0
N/A Ben Van duijne Ben Van duijne $0
N/A Benjamin Buchanan Benjamin Buchanan $0
N/A Benjamin Espinas Benjamin Espinas $0
N/A Benjamin Swinfield Benjamin Swinfield $0
N/A Bertsch Begaye Bertsch Begaye $0
N/A Bev Hartel Bev Hartel $0
N/A Bleddyn Wolf Bleddyn Wolf $0
N/A Bonnie Cohoon Bonnie Cohoon $0
N/A Bowden Emma Bowden Emma $0
N/A Brad Rutherford Brad Rutherford $0
N/A Brad Walker Sr. Brad Walker Sr. $0
N/A Bradley Barrus Bradley Barrus $0