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Rank Name Raised
520th Daniel Oldfield Daniel Oldfield $1,624.41
108th Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $3,362.78
115th Luke Stanley Luke Stanley $3,291.62
1661st vincent cox vincent cox $773.45
280th Sean Buckland Sean Buckland $2,277.87
2592nd Michelle Podsiadly Michelle Podsiadly $512.33
2193rd Jason McClure Jason McClure $599.84
N/A James Kirk James Kirk $0
2719th John Dodd John Dodd $502.33
N/A James Simpson James Simpson $0
3041st Gilbert Quevauvilliers Gilbert Quevauvilliers $370.49
2387th Christopher Grant Christopher Grant $549.50
762nd Brett Stephenson Brett Stephenson $1,320.00
2585th Jeff McRae Jeff McRae $513.61
3557th Yvette Dewulf fitzsimmons Yvette Dewulf fitzsimmons $234.73
143rd Bill Book Bill Book $3,098.15
1838th Mr Andrew Young Mr Andrew Young $702.97
N/A William Lynn William Lynn $0
360th Mick Schirmer Mick Schirmer $2,005.97
3775th Jess Mcgrane Jess Mcgrane $189.41