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Rank Name Raised
N/A Thomas Tuohy Thomas Tuohy $0
759th Troy Marshall Troy Marshall $1,324
1333rd Trudie Trewin Trudie Trewin $940
N/A Wanda Archer Wanda Archer $1,687
9th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $10,726
N/A Wyatt Lutz Wyatt Lutz $0
N/A Wyatt Lutz Wyatt Lutz $0
N/A David Steel David Steel $0
631st David Farley David Farley $1,466
894th Adam Kelly Adam Kelly $1,201
5th Julian Buckley Julian Buckley $15,595
N/A Christopher Hein Christopher Hein $0
95th Scott Steel Scott Steel $3,507
N/A Shonteal Butcher Shonteal Butcher $0
1190th Glenn Tee Glenn Tee $1,021
2430th Aaron Pearce Aaron Pearce $542
3255th Craig Morris Craig Morris $303
N/A David Sharples David Sharples $0
441st Jon Bates Jon Bates $1,764
1353rd Mikey Seelhofer Mikey Seelhofer $923