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Rank Name Raised
403rd Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin 2years $664
404th Mark Alvaran Mark Alvaran 4years $663
405th Elise Rogers Elise Rogers 2years $663
406th Debbie Wallace Debbie Wallace $662
407th Charli Marchant Charli Marchant $662
407th Craig Burr Craig Burr 5years $662
407th Diana Whitaker Diana Whitaker 5years $662
407th John Lehmann John Lehmann 5years $662
407th Kirk Murillo Kirk Murillo $662
412th Ethan Zilovic Ethan Zilovic $660
413th Julie Smith Julie Smith 3years $660
413th Stefan Aichholzer Stefan Aichholzer 3years $233
414th Andrew McOrist Andrew McOrist $104
414th Bronte smith Bronte smith $659
415th Clare Warren Clare Warren 3years $657
415th Tim Reed Tim Reed $657
417th Arthur Galanopoulos Arthur Galanopoulos 2years $657
418th Deborah Wells Deborah Wells 4years $656
419th Shawn Couzins Shawn Couzins 2years $655
420th Shane Haggett Shane Haggett 3years $655