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Rank Name Raised
N/A Malcolm Nicholson Malcolm Nicholson 5years $0
N/A Mallory Scrivens Mallory Scrivens $0
N/A Manuel  E Loped Manuel E Loped $0
N/A Marc Codiga Marc Codiga 2years $0
N/A Marc-Antoine Bernier Marc-Antoine Bernier $0
N/A Marina Harcot Marina Harcot 3years $0
N/A Mario A Hernandez Mario A Hernandez $0
N/A Marius Dekker Marius Dekker 2years $0
N/A Mark Anthony Cane Mark Anthony Cane 3years $0
N/A Mark Bailey Mark Bailey 3years $0
N/A Mark del Villar Mark del Villar $0
N/A Mark Hannon Mark Hannon 2years $0
N/A Mark Holland Mark Holland $0
N/A Mark Koromos Mark Koromos $0
N/A Mark Robb Mark Robb 4years $0
N/A Markus Schmid Markus Schmid 3years $0
N/A Marshall Hogan Marshall Hogan 2years $0
N/A Martha Anne Santos-Geronimo Martha Anne Santos-Geronimo $0
N/A Martin Slabbert Martin Slabbert $0