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Rank Name Raised
N/A Sarah Conte Sarah Conte $446
N/A Sarah Haans Sarah Haans $0
N/A Sarah M Sarah M $0
N/A Sarah McDonald Sarah McDonald $21
N/A Sarah Parker-Sayers Sarah Parker-Sayers $35
N/A Sarah Timmins Sarah Timmins $21
N/A Sarah Young Sarah Young $0
N/A Satvik Arora Satvik Arora $0
N/A Saurav Bakshi Saurav Bakshi $1,000
N/A Savio Coutinho Savio Coutinho $0
N/A Scott Fava Scott Fava $50
N/A Scott Grech Scott Grech $5,779
N/A Scotti English Scotti English $187
N/A Scotty Burford Scotty Burford $790
N/A sean griffiths sean griffiths $800
N/A Sean Haines Sean Haines $242
N/A Sean McDonald Sean McDonald $1,124
N/A Sean McGinlay Sean McGinlay $0
N/A Sean Peters Sean Peters $0
N/A Seb Valeri Seb Valeri $0