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Rank Name Raised
N/A Gregory Dale Gregory Dale $0
N/A Gus Wills Gus Wills $0
N/A ian keith asidera ian keith asidera $0
N/A Ian Trevaskis Ian Trevaskis $0
N/A James Bennett James Bennett $0
N/A James Cameron James Cameron $0
N/A James McCafferty James McCafferty $0
138th Jane Payne Jane Payne $35
N/A Jane Piercy Jane Piercy $0
N/A Jeff Rosenlund Jeff Rosenlund $0
N/A Julie Orr Julie Orr $0
N/A Kathy Murphy Kathy Murphy $0
N/A Kent Dela Pena Kent Dela Pena $0
138th Kirsty Walding Kirsty Walding $35
N/A Laura Cheah Laura Cheah $0
N/A Learnna Sheean Learnna Sheean $0
88th Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay $70
N/A Lyn Mansfield Lyn Mansfield $0
20th Makaya Smit Makaya Smit $269
N/A Makaya Smit Makaya Smit $0