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Rank Name Raised
N/A Gavin Carter Gavin Carter $0
N/A Gavin McAlister Gavin McAlister $0
N/A GayreGayreGGayreGffff Christie GayreGayreGGayreGffff Christie $0
91st Geoff Gray Geoff Gray $21
66th Geoff King Geoff King $35
N/A Georgi Cavendish Georgi Cavendish $0
N/A Georgina Petherick Georgina Petherick $0
56th Gillian Abbott Gillian Abbott $50
98th Glenda Bilton Glenda Bilton $15
N/A glenda tatti glenda tatti $0
N/A Glenn McIntosh Glenn McIntosh $0
N/A Glenn Varley Glenn Varley $0
N/A Grace Amos Grace Amos $0
N/A Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders $0
39th Greg Dalton Greg Dalton $71
N/A Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $0
N/A Greg Johnson Greg Johnson $0
63rd GregGreg Campbell Campbell GregGreg Campbell Campbell $40
N/A Gus Wills Gus Wills $0
N/A Halle Parker Halle Parker $0