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Rank Name Raised
1st Anandh Maistry Anandh Maistry $7,287
2nd Hayden King Hayden King $5,750
3rd Kok wah Boey Kok wah Boey $3,412
4th Attallah Awad Attallah Awad $2,966
5th Karloskar Hall Karloskar Hall $2,943
6th Dean Flaxman Dean Flaxman $2,561
7th Gavin Hicks Gavin Hicks $2,508
8th Gabriel giordano Gabriel giordano $2,237
9th Max Di Ciero Max Di Ciero $2,165
10th Walster Jeff Walster Jeff $2,146
11th Justin Daly Justin Daly $2,002
12th Rob Sama Rob Sama $1,973
13th Patrick Michael O'brien Patrick Michael O'brien $1,829
14th Matt West Matt West $1,765
15th John Yatman John Yatman $1,729
16th Matt Collis Matt Collis $1,712
17th Geraldine Edgley Geraldine Edgley $1,640
18th Melvin Sim Melvin Sim $1,621
19th Dirk Peters Dirk Peters $1,562
20th David Lopez David Lopez $1,552