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Rank Name Raised
179th Wayne Clare Wayne Clare 3years $1,041
180th John Mihalopoulos John Mihalopoulos $1,041
181st Maria Falco-Davalos Maria Falco-Davalos 3years $1,038
182nd Harley Stein Harley Stein $1,035
183rd Peter Leis Peter Leis 4years $1,035
184th Liam Murphy Liam Murphy 2years $1,035
185th Greg Paddon Greg Paddon 3years $1,032
186th lucas gibson lucas gibson $1,030
187th Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham 4years $1,029
188th Brad Walden Brad Walden $1,016
189th Andrew Andriopoulos Andrew Andriopoulos $1,013
190th Tiffany Sutherland Tiffany Sutherland $1,013
191st Dean Lang Dean Lang 2years $1,005
192nd Dennis Shanahan Dennis Shanahan 5years $1,005
193rd Derek Pangbourne Derek Pangbourne $1,004
194th Aaron Richardson Aaron Richardson 2years $1,004
195th David smith David smith 5years $1,003
196th Neil Higgins Neil Higgins $1,003
3471st Brendan Hutton Brendan Hutton 4years $1,002
197th Paul Schwizler Paul Schwizler 3years $1,002