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Rank Name Raised
20th Craig Goldsmith Craig Goldsmith $3,122
21st Scott Grech Scott Grech 3years $3,080
22nd Chris MacDonald Chris MacDonald $2,998
23rd Steve Main Steve Main $2,847
24th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles 5years $2,777
25th Kaine Butterworth Kaine Butterworth $2,746
26th Imam Yasin Gungor Imam Yasin Gungor $2,725
27th Warren Floyd Warren Floyd 7years $2,717
28th Kate Mooring Kate Mooring 4years $2,712
29th John Choroszy John Choroszy 5years $2,691
30th Rohan George Rohan George $2,623
31st Matthew Hodgson Matthew Hodgson $2,621
32nd Paul Dunn Paul Dunn 7years $2,462
33rd Paul Pallot Paul Pallot 2years $2,388
34th Joseph Cavoli Joseph Cavoli $2,349
35th Jason Prosser Jason Prosser $2,317
36th Hasitha de Silva Hasitha de Silva 3years $2,290
37th Jason Ng Jason Ng $2,285
38th Liam Jones Liam Jones $2,262
39th Kathryn Job Kathryn Job $2,245