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Rank Name Raised
61st Ben Fitzpatrick Ben Fitzpatrick 2years $1,816
62nd Robin Thurston Robin Thurston 2years $1,801
63rd Kevin Hosken Kevin Hosken $1,777
64th Andrew Cross Andrew Cross 2years $1,743
65th Michael Chung Michael Chung $1,732
66th Sumit DSumit Sumit DSumit 2years $1,684
67th Matt Gidney Matt Gidney 2years $1,680
68th Andrea Moody Andrea Moody 3years $1,655
69th Nicholas Vamvakaris Nicholas Vamvakaris $1,651
70th James Jin James Jin $1,650
71st Jess Nicholson Jess Nicholson $1,639
72nd John Ellen John Ellen 2years $1,633
73rd Michael Loh Michael Loh 2years $1,603
59th Natasha Ekmekjian Natasha Ekmekjian 4years $1,586
74th Jordan Papadopoulos Jordan Papadopoulos $1,583
75th Jakica Carroll Jakica Carroll 2years $1,568
76th Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson $1,564
77th Jamie Cooke Jamie Cooke $1,564
85th Akshay Chiruguri Akshay Chiruguri $1,553
78th Patrick Olugbemiro Patrick Olugbemiro $1,547